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How to view dermatome divisions on pain drawings in real-time

Dermatome and myotome body divisions can now be viewed in real-time on a pain drawing when using Navigate Pain.  A simple click reveals the exact distribution of a patient’s pain report (e.g. aching or sharp pain) relative to classic body divisions.  The new feature also includes simple body region divisions.  Simple divisions, such as those used in epidemiologic studies, include the head, neck, low back, buttocks, thigh and patella. Clarifying the roles of Dermatomes and Myotomes just got easier Dermatomes are considerd an area of skin supplied by sensory neurons that arise from a spinal nerve ganglion and myotomes...

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Unique pain assessment chart functions

The Toggle Function for Pain assessment Seeing the detail in how pain changes just became way easier.  The pain assessment chart function in Navigate Pain separates information into layers.  This innovative approach allows clinicians to view the details within a pain chart together or separately.  The result is a cohesive and accuracte pain picture.  What’s is this pain assessment function?  It’s the Navigate Pain toggle function.  The pain assessment chart functions in Navigate Pain enable deeper insight and better communication.  Each layer of information captured on a pain chart reflects a pain descriptor.  These pain descriptors and the associated...

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Pain descriptor library launched by Navigate Pain

Tracking Multiple Pain Types Navigate Pain launches a new feature capable of tracking multiple sensations or types of pain over time.  Pain is a complex experience and describing pain is difficult.  Adding more pain descriptors for patients was inspired by our users and scientific research.  The newly added pain descriptors will allow patients to create a more complete picture of their pain. For example, a person may complain of pain in the lower back.  However, ‘pain in the lower back’ is an unclear and inaccurate picture of the pain experience.  Pain descriptors such as, shooting, dull-aching or stabbing are...

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Digital pain chart of the body supports physiotherapists

Aglance Solutions recently launched and advanced pain tracking and mapping software Navigate Pain.  The software tool creates a digital pain chart or pain map of the body.  The pain map serves to visualize, document and track pain over time.  In addition the tool helps start each consult on topic.  Thus,  Navigate Pain addresses day-to-day challenges of physiotherapists. Who would have guessed so much information could be captured in a  pain chart of the body. Aglance Solutions launches the Navigate Pain software for clinical professionals. A new standard for pain tracking is emerging. State of the Art Insight When gathering...

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Why the Navigate Pain ‘Scheduler’ is more than a calender

Do we really know how pain changes? Or even how pain starts?  This is why pain tracking is important.  Many of us know its fairly normal to feel pain when we have an injury such as a small cut or bruise.  We also know pain can occur with more serious injuries such as ankle sprains. But what about the millions of cases of neck or back pain? How does pain change? Often the onset of neck or back pain does not involve one single memorable event.  For some the pain will resolve after a few weeks.   In many cases...

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