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Pain descriptor library launched by Navigate Pain

Tracking Multiple Pain Types Navigate Pain launches a new feature capable of tracking multiple sensations or types of pain over time.  Pain is a complex experience and describing pain is difficult.  Adding more pain descriptors for patients was inspired by our users and scientific research.  The newly added pain descriptors will allow patients to create a more complete picture of their pain. For example, a person may complain of pain in the lower back.  However, ‘pain in the lower back’ is an unclear and inaccurate picture of the pain experience.  Pain descriptors such as, shooting, dull-aching or stabbing are...

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How to install Navigate Pain

Navigate Pain is a web-application for mapping and tracking pain.  This means Navigate Pain runs using your internet browser.  Just like any other App installed from Google Play or similar we want to open it with a simple click.   Once you have your account, we recommend that you install Navigate Pain. So for Android and Windows users here is a step by step list to get you started. To install Navigate Pain on your mobile: Open Google Chrome Navigate to Open Chrome menu (Top right hand corner) Click ‘Add to Home Screen’ Click ‘Add’ Congratulations you have installed the...

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