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Why Assessing Pain Quality Matters

The experience of pain differs between us.   Research suggests words to describe the experience of pain might be similar.  Experts call these words  ‘pain qualities’.  An example of a pain quality would be burning or throbbing. This article discusses the importance of pain quality.   Topics addressed include common words used by patients, meaningful changes in pain quality, and the relation to sources of pain.   A change in pain quality associated with low back pain provides insight into a patients’ pain experience. Following changes in pain quality can help identify improvements. Look beyond pain intensity The ratings of pain magnitude differ between...

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Unique pain assessment chart functions

The Toggle Function for Pain assessment Seeing the detail in how pain changes just became way easier.  The pain assessment chart function in Navigate Pain separates information into layers.  This innovative approach allows clinicians to view the details within a pain chart together or separately.  The result is a cohesive and accuracte pain picture.  What’s is this pain assessment function?  It’s the Navigate Pain toggle function.  The pain assessment chart functions in Navigate Pain enable deeper insight and better communication.  Each layer of information captured on a pain chart reflects a pain descriptor.  These pain descriptors and the associated...

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