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Balancing the complicated patient & the needs of the clinic

Rarely do we talk about physiotherapy ethics. After completing a physiotherapy degree, further education is often anatomy based. As a result, there is little talk about ethical dilemmas facing physiotherapists.  It seems that ethical dilemmas arise in various forms.  Therefore, in this post we limit our discussion to those revolving around the complicated patient.  First of all, there are many reasons why a patient may be viewed as complicated.  For example, patient characteristics.  These characteristics are demanding, game playing, or dishonest.  There are also external factors.  These include culture, family issues or poverty.  Of more obvious nature, there can...

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The role of a therapeutic alliance in patient satisfaction

A positive relationship between you and your patient is known as the therapeutic alliance.  This relationship is critical for patient satisfaction and your patient’s recovery (Pinto et al., 2012). As a physiotherapist, a desired goal is to help your patient recover and prevent a future recurrence. In other words, the goal is to reduce their pain, make them feel better, and get them back to the activities they know and love. However, your patient’s recovery goals and their ability to understand and adhere to your professional advice play a huge role in their perceived effect of treatment. Do they...

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