Undiscovered maps waiting to be explored

I remember our first record of digital pain charts.  My good friend and colleague and our clinic science students recorded pain drawings from individuals with chronic idiopathic pain.  The results were amazing and I was totally mesmerized. There is more than marked locations of pain in these pain charts.   To me the pain drawings were undiscovered maps waiting to be explored.

The astonishing precision and detail in the pain maps surely was no coincidence.  What was unclear is reasons behind the detail in the pain maps.   So we began exploring, found answers to our questions, and set into motion a new pain assessment tool.

To bring the pain assessment tool into reality and make it available for all we formed Aglance Solutions.  The establishment of Aglance Solutions was a big step.  And for a pain scientist an amazing leap.  Without the support of my colleagues, friends, family and the university the leap would not be possible.  It is because of them I am here now writing this About page.  Now, Navigate pain is ready for for pain communication, tracking and mapping purposes for researchers and clinicians alike.

The formation of Aglance Solutions resulted in a online platform, as opposed to the original android App, that is suitable for all devices.  In addition the online Navigate Pain platform is full of useful functions for clinicians and researchers.  It is without a doubt that Navigate Pain ignited our explorations, answered our research questions, and inspired bigger challenges.

So what is this blog?

Here you will find content underpinned by scientific findings and clinical research.  Most of the content is related to pain assessment, pain tracking and mapping but there is also useful tips and tricks about how to use the Navigate Pain software.  The blog is source for me to give you what I know.  You are welcome to contact us and contribute your insight too.

 “I will  share with you ideas on how to convey the knowledge gained from digital body mapping,  as a scientist,  as a medical professional, and simply just as me – a curious mind.” – Shellie A. Boudreau

Shellie Boudreau

Shellie Boudreau, CEO,  Aglance Solutions

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